Developing the Future

Commercial Paving Division

Whether our customers are the largest nationwide builder, general contractor, or property management company, our goal is to help builders meet deadlines and close projects.


Whether our customers are the largest nationwide builder, custom home builder, or spot builder, Esposito Construction’s goal is help builders make deadlines and close homes. Esposito Construction treats everyone with equal attention. Esposito Construction has a team of operators and laborers trained in installing roadways, parking lots, and driveways, from raw land to finished pavement.

General Contractors

We provide some of New Jersey’s largest general contractors with an affordable alternative to unprofessional, unreliable subcontractors. We are site contractors, so we understand how the paving process should link with the other trades, and we will ask the necessary questions prior to arriving on your job site (which will save you time and money). We do the job right the first time. Our site managers have experience in dealing with inspectors and engineers from Cape May to the New York state line.

Property Management Companies and Commercial Building Owners

Esposito Construction works hand and hand with property management companies and commercial property owners, keeping homeowners associations and tenants happy.

If your property requires additional parking solutions, Esposito Construction installs new parking lots from the ground up.

We can also rejuvenate old parking lots and roadways, by milling, resurfacing, and sealcoating. Maintaining your parking lots and roadways make your communities and businesses safer, more inviting to customers, and will bring higher rent premiums.

Municipalities and Towns

Esposito Construction has done projects for several municipalities across New Jersey. It may be a basketball court for an elementary school, a parking lot for a renovated high school, or a road widening for your towns population growth, Esposito Construction is your full service solution.

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